Randall Krieger

Has always been fascinated with folklore and mythology as well as eclectic, passionate, and virtuosic music styles. A rediscovery of a forgotten ballad book cast aside in a relatives garage gave Randall with Elise the inspiration for the creation of The Unquiet Grave. The initial inspiration was to rewrite the old ballads and stories with new music so the music would follow the mood and emotions of the story rather than the traditional song form structures.


As he continued to rewrite old ballads they expanded their repertoire to include not only old english ballads, but also traditional folk song arrangements, adaptations of medieval, renaissance, and baroque composers work, original songs with lyrics inspired by mythology, john dowland lute song arrangements, and even covers of modern songs where they rewrite the lyrics to sound "old timey". This development has established their sound as tavern song mixed with art song, old mixed with new. The Unquiet Grave uses a mix of renaissance style and modern instruments, on any song Randall might play classical guitar, electric guitar, lute or hammered dulcimer.


Randall Krieger attained his MFA degree from California Institute of the Arts where he studied classical guitar performance with Miroslav Tadic, composition, and lute. Randall also plays hammered dulcimer in the black metal group Botanist.

Randall achieved his BA in guitar performance and compostion from CSU East Bay, where he studied under Marc Tiecholz and Jeffrey Miller.

- Founder, guitarist, songwriter, backing vocals


Elise Krieger

- Primary Vocalist 

Elise has training in operatic, classical, and contemporary theatrical techniques and has developed a singing style that incorporates those various styles.


She uses her stage and acting experience to bring the characters and stories to life in their performance. She also enjoies knitting and creates hats, scarves, sweaters, pouches, and other jewlery.


Jim Hurley

- Violinist

Influenced profoundly by South Indian violinist L. Shankar, he incorporates styles from bebop to zydeco, European classical to Zairean soukous.


he is also well known for his performances and recordings with Ritchie Blackmore and Black mores Night (rock legend turned Celtic and Renaissance musician), American roots music leaders such as Grammy winners Queen Ida and Al Rapone, swing legend Dan Hicks' Acoustic Warriors, all-China zheng virtuoso Zhao Hui, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (with Jon Anderson from Yes), Kenneth Nash (Weather Report, Herbie Hancock, Dizzie Gillespie alumnus), Al Stewart, Josh Groban, Smokey Robinson, Stanley Jordan, the Waybacks, Tempest, and many other artists and ensembles. He has toured Europe and Japan and performed at numerous major music festivals, including the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, the Philadelphia Folk Festival, and the Monterey Jazz Festival.


Tom Dreiman

- Percussionist

Tom Dreiman plays bodhran and other various period and world percussion

instruments for The Unquiet Grave. He has developed his own unique setup for using few if any modern drums with The Unquiet Grave. His current instrumentation for the group uses bodhran, tabor, spoons, bones, tambora, tambourine, bells, and daf


Tom graduated from CSUEB in December of 2016, where he studied Classical Percussion Performance and Composition with Artie Storch and Jeffery Miller, respectively.


Tom regularly performs with community, semi-professional and professional orchestras around the Bay Area, including the Contra Costa Chamber Orchestra, Livermore-Amador Symphony, Prometheus Symphony and Oakland Civic Orchestra.

Phoenix Thanatos

- Flute

Phoenix Thanatos plays flute and piccolo for The Unquiet Grave. He studied flute at CSU East Bay, he gigs throughout the Bay Area and also teaches flute in Tracy