Randall Krieger

Randall Krieger is a professional musician and composer and is a founding member of The Unquiet Grave. He is a current member of the infamous hammered dulcimer black metal band Botanist, known for being the only metal band with hammered dulcimers and no guitars. Randall composes music for concert and film. Randall's music has been performed and commissioned by groups across the US and in the UK including by The Arc project, CSUEB Wind Band, Amoveo Ensemble, guitarist Roberto Granados, and more. He is the founder of the nonprofit group Bay Area Composers Group a organization that produces new music concerts and meetups. He is also a professional classical guitarist and lutenist and has performed in progressive metal bands.

Enchanting and immersive songs and ballads

The Unquiet Grave began from a desire to set old English ballads and fantasy tales to new music and theatrics. Spurred by the rediscovery of a Child Ballad book in a family home that rekindled enthusiasm for these tales mixing with the artistry of Elise's singing and theater along with Randall's guitar and composition. This sparked the desire to break from traditional song forms in order to evolve and bring new life to these rich ballads, tales, folklore, and fantasy worlds of yore.

Founded by Elise and Randall Krieger in 2019 the two have performed as The Unquiet Grave as a duo and as a band with as many as 8 members performing in a variety of venues across the US including renaissance fairs, festivals, house concerts, pubs, wineries, theaters, and more. Their music combines the beautiful and alluring vocal stylings of operatic singing with other folk and traditional song stylings of Elise mixed with virtuosic lute accompaniment and rich contrapuntal lute melodies with contemporary harmonie and rhythmic changes pulling music influences from contemporary classical, and renaissance music, to metal, celtic, and world music. They perform a varied repertoire including old English ballads, renaissance music, celtic, traditional folk songs, originals, and occasionally parody covers of modern songs rewritten to be "old timey".

Elise Krieger

Elise Krieger is a professional singer and actress and is a founding member of The Unquiet Grave. Her background in musical theater led her to perform many different roles in musicals, plays, and productions. She was classically trained as a vocalist and has developed her own vocal style which combines classical training with musical, operatic and folk singing styles.